Using differentiating technology, Cobore is focused on reducing our customers' net cost. With the ability to guarantee .010 TIR on material up to 40 feet in length, we can significantly reduce the amount of excess material required to true OD & ID after drilling. Cobore is watchful looking for opportunities to eliminate subsequent machining operations to simplify the process.

Cobore .010 TIR Guarantee Benefit

  • Reduce material cost (high impact on exotic alloys)
  • Less time spent turning
  • Consistent wall thickness

Industry Standard/Turning OD between centers

  • Requires excessive amount of material
  • Additional time spent turning/interrupted cut & more stock
  • Curved ID from drilling = inconsistent wall thickness

The in-house engineering department at Cobore is ready to create an innovative solution for your complex bore requirements. Experience the difference of working with a company that anticipates machining challenges before they occur and partners with its customers on every project. Whether a single piece R&D project or a large production run, Cobore has the capacity and personnel to make your next deep hole drilling job a success.

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