Cobore, Inc. has developed tooling for machining unique internal profiles at extreme depths. These features commonly referred to as "bottle boring" are programmable and can be accomplished 20 ft. deep from one end and 40 ft. from both ends. Requirements for machining undercuts, grooves, and reliefs at depths beyond conventional boring methods inspired Cobore to create a new tool that can be run on deep hole drilling machines. Cobore's in house engineering team put their custom tool design expertise to work developing three bottle bore tools that cover a range from 3.816" ID to 8.127" ID.

Current Size Offering:

Through Hole Minimum
Maximum Bottle Bore Size
3.816" ID
5.516" ID
Small bottle bore cross section
4.560" ID
6.514" ID
Medium bottle bore cross section
6.100" ID
8.127" ID
Large bottle bore cross section
Multiple Bottle Bores Across One Part
Medium dual bottle bore cross section
Eccentric Bottle Bores
Eccentric medium dual bottle bore cross section

Why Choose Cobore for Bottle Boring Services?

At Cobore, we are industry experts in precision engineered deep hole machining, and our experience in bottle boring is no different. Our specialized bottle boring tool that can be run on deep hole drilling machines allows us to take on the difficult jobs that other companies often turn down. With our tools that are programmable and can handle jobs 20 ft. deep, you can be confident our department of highly skilled gun drillers is ready to put their knowledge to work for you and any bottle boring job.

We utilize the industry's top equipment and continue to build our reputation for providing premier service. Cobore has a well-seasoned team of technical personnel and we are committed to finding practical solutions to meet your production requirements. The level of collaboration you can expect from Cobore is unmatched. We are hands-on in our work and are involved in the design phase to find cost-reducing recommendations and are always working to improve the manufacturability of parts with complex features.

Cobore has extensive experience drilling in a range of industries, including:

  • Oil & Gas
  • Military
  • Aero Space
  • Petro-chemical
  • And more!

In addition to bottle boring, some of our other services are:

Key Benefits to Working with Cobore for Bottle Boring Services

  • We can perform precise work at extreme depths.
  • We can accept jobs that most other companies would refuse.
  • Our methods enable you to have a significant net cost savings on material used.

Contact Cobore for Bottle Boring Services

Cobore, Inc. is located in Houston, Texas and our facility and expertise allow us to provide superior quality, cost savings, and precision. We excel at deep hole drilling, gun drilling, and other custom jobs. At Cobore, we willingly take on difficult requests that most machine shops would turn away and perform quality work every time.

Contact us today to request a quote or ask any questions about our bottle boring service and capabilities.

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