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Honing is used to achieve a precision hole size and an improved surface finish. Our precision machining capabilities uniquely equip us to perform precision honing services, including very fine microfinishes. We specialize in jobs that others would refuse.

Honing is a process used to produce final sizing and desired surface finish of cylindrical bores. Using various abrasives, we have the capability to achieve microfinishes as fine as 4 RMS on tolerances as tight as ±.001. Size Range: .448” to 8.0” diameter with up to 40 foot stoke. Whether it is a single piece order or a large production run, we have an extensive inventory of honing tools in stock to perfect your bore. We specialize in precision honing services that include:

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Precision Honing throughout the United States & More

Precision honing is one of many services for which we have built a reputation for quality and superior performance. The experienced personnel at Cobore are constantly testing the latest in abrasive technology on our best-in-class precision honing machines. Trust the team of knowledgeable honing experts at Cobore with your next precision honing project. We are based in Houston, Texas, but we perform work across the United States and worldwide.

We specialize in precision honing services that include:

  • Fine finish bores
  • Tight tolerance bores
  • Thru hole bores
  • Blind bores
  • Thin wall tube

We have developed a technique for removing hone tapers on tight tolerance blind bores. The ability to remove hone taper can eliminate the need to machine a hone relief at hard-to-reach depths. Our differentiation technique for hone taper removal can be performed at extreme depths.

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Other Deep Hole Machining Services

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We are committed to providing the highest level of service and on-time delivery. Through internally developed processes and technology, Cobore can hold incredibly tight positional requirements that far exceed industry standards.

We also provide these services to better serve our customers:

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We take pride in the high-quality, precision work that we do. We can perform jobs that many other companies would refuse. Additionally, our methods are designed to give you significant cost savings on material.

Our facility is just as top-notch as our services. Cobore is located on a 10-acre site with 40,000 square feet of manufacturing space. The facility has a full perimeter security fence with access control. Unique to our deep hole drilling facility is a Geothermal Climate Control System and a Backyard Certified Wildlife Habitat®.

When you partner with Cobore, we promise to exceed all of your expectations. We're able to perform precise work at extreme depths, and accept jobs that most other companies would refuse. Additionally, our methods enable you to have a significant net cost savings on material used.

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