Cobore, Inc. proudly services customers in Illinois with over 27 years of deep hole drilling experience. We specialize in deep hole machining projects, and we excel at jobs that other companies would turn away because of the high level of difficulty.

Cobore is an ISO 9001–2015 Certified facility specializing in precision deep hole machining services of long parts requiring difficult internal features with tight positional tolerances. We guarantee exceptional quality with a focus on our customers' economic drivers, resulting in cost savings and shorter lead times. We are committed to providing the highest level of service and on-time delivery. Through internally developed processes and technology, Cobore can hold incredibly tight positional requirements that far exceed industry standards. Our ability to hold OD to ID concentricity of .010 TIR or better over lengths up to 40 ft can result in significant cost savings on material.

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Products and Services Offered in Illinois

Our services and areas of expertise include:

  • Deep Hole Drilling
  • Gun Drilling
  • BTA Drilling
  • Pull Boring
  • Trepanning
  • Honing
  • Bottle Bores
  • Burnishing
  • Reaming
  • OD Turning
  • Boring
  • Centerless Grind
  • Straightening

Size Range: .093 to 8.0" ID with lengths up to 40ft

Cobore drills all ferrous and non-ferrous materials.

Metals Cobore process include: Inconel 625 / 718 / 718 NACE / 925, Hastelloy, Datalloy, MP35, Nitronic 50 / 60, 13 Chrome, Duplex 25 Cr, Monel K-500, Non-Mags 15-15HSM / SCF19 / P550 / P580 / P650 / P750, BeCu, Copper, ToughMet, Stainless Steel 304 / 316 / 420 / 450 / 13-8 / 15-5 / 17-4, Titanium, 4140, 4130, 4330, 4340, and many other alloys and plastics.

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Industries Serviced in Illinois

We work with a range of industries by providing deep hole machining services, including:

  • Oil & Gas
  • Military
  • Aero Space
  • Petro-chemical
  • And more!

Whatever your industry, reach out today for a quote on your deep hole drilling job. Call us at 713-467-4837.

Deep Hole Machining Service Capabilities in Illinois

We specialize in deep hole machining of long parts requiring tight positional tolerances and difficult internal features. With a culture of continuous improvement, Cobore has developed processes to achieve tolerances that far exceed industry standards. The parts that other deep hole drilling shops turn down are the exact innovational challenges Cobore's personnel are passionate about. Our team is dedicated to providing top quality and outstanding service.

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Deep Hole Drilling & Other Service Capabilities

length icon
40 Ft (12.2 m) part lengths
measurement icon
Ø0.0.093"-8.000" (2.36-203 mm) Bore Range
tight tolerance icon
Tight Bore Positional Tolerances
honing icon
Honing to improve bore size tolerance and surface finish
extreme hole diameter icon
Extreme Hole Diameter to Hole Depth Ratios (for example Ø0.156" x 80" Deep) (Ø3.9 mm x 2032 mm Deep)
offcenter iconangled icon
Off-center & Angled Holes
complex transitions icon
Complex Internal Features even at Extreme Depths
bottle boring icon
Non-Cylindrical Internal Features (Bottle Boring), Reliefs, Under-Cuts, Grooves at Extreme Hole Depth
tubing icon
High Strength Thin Wall Tubing from Bar
cold iconcold icon
Cold Working Bore surfaces to Improve Corrosion Resistance, Durability and Surface Finish
straightening icon
sawcut icon
turning icon
Outer diameter machining
turning icon
Inventory Management of customer material

BTA Drilling Services in Illinois

BTA Drilling is a deep hole drilling process that utilizes specialized drilling tools run on a long drill tube. BTA is a much more efficient method of drilling compared to traditional twist drills & gun drilling.

Size Range: .875" to 8.00" diameters

Our state-of-the-art drilling machines, coupled with sophisticated manufacturing processes, have given us the reputation for being an industry leader in BTA drilling. Differentiating technology combined with the best BTA drilling equipment on the market allows us to drill incredibly straight holes at extreme diameter to depth ratios. Capable of BTA drilling concentric holes up to 40ft in length while guaranteeing OD to ID Concentricity of .010 TIR, we have the knowledge and skills to make your project a success. We are very strong in offset / eccentric BTA deep hole drilling. We are able to guarantee .020 positional tolerances at extreme depths.

Our focus is in reducing our customers net cost by preventing the need to purchase oversize material and reduce the amount of subsequent machining to finish a part. Our precision drilling service can provide a significant cost savings when working with exotic alloys. No need to chase an ID for those projects with tight wall thickness tolerance when you request our .010 TIR guarantee.

Our in-house engineering department has the knowledge and experience to design custom form tooling for unique bore configurations that cannot be accomplished with conventional tools. Experience the difference of working with a deep hole drilling company that puts their passion into every project no matter the size or complexity.

Key Benefits to Working with Cobore for BTA Drilling Services in Illinois

  • We are able to perform precise work at extreme depths. We are able to accept jobs that most other companies would refuse.
  • Our methods enable you to have a significant net cost savings on material used.

We are proud of the high-quality, precision BTA drilling services we provide. Contact us today to request a quote or find about more about our BTA drilling services in Illinois. Just fill out our contact form online or call 713-467-4837.

Our Location and Facility

Cobore is located on a 10-acre site with 40,000 sqft of manufacturing space. The facility has a full perimeter security fence with access control. Unique to our deep hole drilling facility is a Geothermal Climate Control System and a Backyard Wildlife Habitat Certification.

Core Values

Challenge: We pursue and enjoy overcoming innovational challenges.

Collaboration: We recognize working in teams generates exponentially greater results.

Pride: We take pride in the intentional efforts and results of our work.

Commitment and Dedication: We follow through with our promises and do it with heart.

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We take pride in the high-quality, precision work that we do. We can perform jobs that many other companies would refuse. Additionally, our methods are designed to give you significant cost savings on material.

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