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Precision Engineered Deephole Machining Services

Specializing in applications with demanding innovation and precision is what gives Cobore, Inc. our reputation for intricate deephole drilling

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Cobore drills all ferrous and non-ferrous materials

Including Inconel 718, titanium, phosphor bronze, beryllium copper and other exotic aircraft materials

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Exceptional Quality Standards

We maintain a standard .010" (0.25mm) concentricity positional tolerance throughout the length of the part with lengths up to 40 ft (12.2 m) and internal diameters ranging from Ø0.094-8.000" (2.39-203 mm).

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Improvement of Surface Durability and Finish

Offering cold working internal bore diameter surfaces by roller burnishing; diametrical material compression of 0.0015-0.002" (0.04-0.05 mm); bore finishes down to 16 Rms (≈0.4 Ra µm).

Precision Holes


Engineered Solutions
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Honing and Burnishing


Pride in our work
Data Driven Culture
ISO 9001-2008 Certified
Compliant to ISO 14001-2004 /
OSHA 18000-2007

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The Cobore Difference

Cobore, Inc. is an ISO 9001–2008 Certified facility specializing in unusually long parts requiring tight internal diameter positional tolerances and difficult internal features that standard machine shops are unable to produce. We guarantee exceptional quality with a focus on our customers' economic drivers, resulting in cost savings and shorter lead times. We are committed to providing the highest level of service and on-time delivery.

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